Ohio universities will cut remedial classes

Forty percent of new students at Ohio’s state universities require remedial coursework. By next year, Ohio will shift most remediation to community colleges. Universities are cutting dual-enrollment deals with nearby colleges.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Most Hispanic students start at community colleges where graduation rates are much lower than at four-year institutions.

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  1. But critics say some students will give up on a college degree.

    The students who need remediation are already unlikely to ever get a degree.  The less time and money they waste, the better.

  2. Agreed. Also, better that they waste it more cheaply at a community college. For 4-year institutions, I recommend that they upgrade admission standards (particularly SAT/ACT) and bring back the idea of freshman weeder courses, so that the unprepared and/or unmotivated may be removed rapidly.

    Pell Grants should be tied to college-ready SAT/ACT scores, majors likely to result in jobs, and good GPAs. Those wishing to major in aggrieved victim studies, art history, anthropology etc. should do it on their own dime. The government should get out of the college loan business entirely and let private lenders decide who is likely to finish college and get a job likely to result in repayment of the loan. Period.