NOT your mother’s PTA

New “insurgent” groups are “organizing, educating and mobilizing parents” to fight for K-12 reforms,writes Bruno Manno in NOT Your Mother’s PTA on Education Next. He takes a closer look at Parent Revolution, Education Reform Now, and Stand for Children.


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  1. Parent Revolution as a parent led revolt? Sure, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to see you cheap!

  2. It gets better, Education Reform is headed by Joel Klein and a bunch of hedge fund managers, and StandForChildren is led by a partner in The New Schools Venture Fund, and as a plus for the “refomers” she’s a Teach For Awhile alum.

    Some “parents” group grassroots movement huh? Joanne should be ashamed for posting this.

  3. Michael E. Lopez says:

    If these people of whom you speak aren’t parents, then maybe I can understand your ire.

    If they are — how is this any different than the traditional PTA group, where the richer, more socially connected parents run the show? Just because you’re rich or involved in an organization doesn’t mean that you are therefore incapable of community organizing.

    (“Teach for Awhile” is hilarious by the way… a little mean-spirited but funny as hell. I’d never heard that.)

  4. Really? You’ve never heard of Teach For Awhile?

    Joel Klein is hardly a parent anymore, I believe he’s in his 60s.

    Do you have many hedge fund managers running your local PTA and investing money for it?

  5. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Fair enough. We can agree that this isn’t the typical PTA sort of classroom-level phenomenon. But that is the title of the post, and the title of the article. So I still don’t get why you’re excoriating Joanne about this.

    The piece says that the organizations are in the business of “parent mobilization”. Sure, it’s a bit of a puff piece — it’s certainly not an expose or anything (which would also have an agenda, mind you). But it doesn’t appear to be a dishonest piece. I don’t see a single indication anywhere in the article that the organizations are “parent-led”, which is apparently your gripe. (There is a single comment on the article that uses that expression, but the article seems pretty upfront about the core of these groups being either political advocates or a mixture of political advocates and ‘grassroots’ activity, whatever that means.)

    Did I miss something?

    I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re going to call someone out on the internet, especially from behind anonymity, it’s good to be a little more specific in your arguments. I just don’t see why Joanne should be ashamed of anything. Even if the article’s a puff piece, it’s informative and of interest to people who are interested in education reform.

    It’s not as if Joanne is editorializing in her post, either.

    So what gives?

  6. I’m giving Joanne a hard time b/c I’m sure she’s smart enough to realize this is a propaganda puff piece, and she chose to run it anyway and pass it off as legitimate.