CC report: Focus on motivated students

California community colleges offer “open access and limited success,” says a new task force report, which calls for focusing scarce resources on new students and motivated students who choose an academic plan and make progress toward a certificate or degree.  Students who’ve taken lots of classes without completing a credential would go on wait lists and eventually lose fee waivers.

Also on Community College Spotlight:  High schools and colleges are trying to teach “financial literacy” to students before they run up huge debts they’ll struggle to repay.

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  1. Mevelle Sage says:

    What i find most interesting about this is there has been an influx of high school students who are choosing community colleges versus Universities because it is cheaper and it tends to cater to the working student. Motivatig students towards success should have been a priority from the get go. What programs do these coleges have in place to help students get used to the college lifestyle? Just as with any stage in life there are “Grace periods” in which students must get used to the new stage. What supports have these community colleges put in place to help their students along the way? Are there adequate mentoring programs, advising, and othe activities to help with such? I do like the reccomendations that students who are actually trying to get a degree or certificate are even more encouraged to do so. However how is putting the other students on wait lists, etc. helping those student sto push forward to get an education? How can we effectively educate them on the importance of education?