A master’s in sandwich truck

After earning a graphic design degree, Zachary Lynd invested $30,000 in savings in a project he hopes will earn a master’s in visual design. It’s a sandwich truck, which is competing with hot dog trucks at the beach in Montauk, Long Island. Lynd “sells lobster rolls for $16, and a key lime tart and fruit salad for $5,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

It’s a “masters thesis roach coach,  writes Edububble. “Let’s just hope he can pay off the debt on the Airstream and the masters degree before someone starts handing out doctorates in making sandwiches.”

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  1. FWIW, one of my DH’s grad school classmates, who has a master’s and a law degree, started a mobile Korean restaurant with his mom after he got laid off from his government job due to the budget crisis. He’s now making money hand over fist. It may not be glamorous, but running a successful business is nothing to look down one’s nose at.