Wanted: full-pay and foreign students

Full-pay and foreign students are a lucrative target for colleges and universities. International students with F-1 visas will pay premium prices to study in the U.S.

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  1. A fair number of good students from our local high school have chosen to attend out-of-state state schools. I wonder if there’s a great reshuffling going on. Annie attends school in Colorado, rather than Virginia (her home state), and Bart attends school in Virginia, rather than Colorado (his home state). Both students pay full tuition. Had they been accepted by their state schools, they would be paying in-state tuition.

    The colleges will plead “geographic diversity” for admitting out-of-state students rather than in-state students, but when out-of-state students must pay significantly more, it seems rather lucrative for the colleges. Expensive for the families, though, as it’s not a day trip from Virginia to Colorado.