‘Trigger’ parents enroll in charter

McKinley Elementary, a low-scoring school near Los Angeles, won its fight to block a “parent trigger” takeover. However, the brand-new Celerity Sirius Charter School opened this week with 500 students split between a nearby church and a second site added to meet the demand.

McKinley’s enrollment was in the 400s last year and not all students have left, so the new charter must be drawing from other schools in the low-performing district.

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  1. Help me…why would educators miss the opportunity to work with engaged parents? I thought this is what educators were screaming — it isn’t our fault the kids are learning, blame it on the parents. Well…guess teachers truly don’t want the parents help. Why are engaged parents such a threat to the teachers, unions or what not?

  2. Because the mythical lack of engaged parents is an excuse to avoid responsibility for doing a lousy job educating kids. Proof that parents are engaged and would love to be more engaged if the message from their kid’s schools wasn’t “get lost” isn’t welcomed.