Subway of (false) hope

“Start here, go anywhere,” say the college ads in the subway.  “But more likely nowhere,” adds a professor.

Also on Community College SpotlightFirst Year Experience programs try to keep students enrolled for a second year.

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  1. I started my degree at a CC and finished at a university (and a reasonably good proportion of my classmates did likewise). It was a way to graduate college without getting deeply into debt, plus it allowed me to take additional courses that I probably would not have taken if I were paying a higher per course rate. Since the entrance barriers are low, many students do not complete even a two-year program, but at least they get exposure to the higher ed experience, so thay can decide its either not for them, or decide to go back later when they have the maturity/commitment. My instructors were great to adequate, certainly all were reasonably competent, and I was well prepared for later course work at the university.