Spark apprenticeships start early

What’s your dream job? Spark, which connects disadvantaged middle-school students with professionals in their dream job, is expanding from California to Chicago.

I think it makes sense to motivate students before they reach high school.

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  1. It’s certainly a good thing to motivate kids before they enter HS but the foundation MUST be laid in ES. Kids entering MS with 2nd or 3rd grade skills are unlikely to catch up. That seems to be the problem with the dropout rates from the MS charters; the schools are offering what is needed but the heroic effort students need to make is more than many are able and/or willing to do. Seriously flawed rograms like Everyday Math and balanced literacy, a lack of grammar and composition instruction, along with weak exposure to good literature and the disciplines don’t provide the foundation that kids need. Combine that with grade inflation and social promotion and we get kids entering MS not only seriously behind grade level but without the work ethic and study skills they need if they are to have any hope of remediation.

  2. Thank you momof4!

    Also, connecting kids with mentors is probably better than connecting kids with people in certain fields…it is the rare child (even adult) that truly, truly knows what they want to be whenever they grow up…kids need to be exposed to tons of opportunities and idea…the main thing is nothing is free, it takes hard work and dedication, being allowed to “fail”, to brush one’s self off and try, try again to be successful…

    as an author said our public schools today are teaching kids to accept a fish for a day for the rest of their lives vs being taught to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime…very, very sad…