SAT reading scores hit new low

SAT scores are down — “critical reading” hit a new low — because more students are taking the exam, says College Board. In particular, more Hispanic students are in the testing pool. Roughly 27 percent of the 1.65 million test-takers last year had a first language other than English, up from 19 percent just a decade ago.

Students’ aspirations exceed their preparation: Only 43 percent reached the benchmark for college readiness, scoring 1550 on reading, writing and math (out of 2400).  Students with a 1550 have a 65-percent likelihood of earning a B-minus average or better in their first year of college, a strong predictor of graduation, according to College Board’s research.


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  1. Deirdre Mundy says:

    The thing that I’ve always found interesting about that is that, as 7th graders, most of my friends and I would have met the “B- in college” benchmark. But I would have flunked out if I’d gone to my college in 7th grade.

    So… what are they defining as a “college-level course?”