Obama waives No Child Left Behind

President Obama will waive the key requirements of No Child Left Behind, he said today.  States won’t have to show students are achieving proficiency in reading and math by 2014.

States will set their own achievement goals and “design their own interventions for failing schools,” reports Ed Week.

In exchange for this flexibility, the administration will require states to adopt college- and career-ready standards, focus on 15 percent of their most-troubled schools, and create guidelines for teacher evaluations based in part on student performance.

In the 2012-13 school year, rules requiring low-performing schools to offer free tutoring and school choice will be waived.

In addition to intervening to change the lowest 5 percent of schools, state will be required “to identify another 10 percent of schools that struggle with particularly low graduation rates, low performance for specific subgroups of students (such as those with disabilities), or high achievement gaps.”

Schools that aren’t in the bottom 15 percent don’t need to make changes.

The plan is a “responsible framework” that gives states the flexibility, they’ve requested, notes Education Trust. States claimed they could do it better. Now “it’s time for them to stand and deliver.”

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  1. isn’t this the same song who knows what verse? the states couldn’t do it so we get nclb…now it is back to the states and parents will have no options and the kids won’t get what they need…

    just why shouldn’t the money follow the kids and let the families decide what school is best for their child?

    just don’t see how this is good…

    also…looks like tons of money (tax payer money) has been or is in the process of being wasted with this whole CCS movement…just wonder how much of the $360MM has to be wasted…er..spent?

  2. Never mind the pie-in-the-sky 100% proficient by 2014. What about the absurdity of annual yearly progress. What’s going to happen with it?