LA gives insiders first crack at running schools

Teachers and administrators will get first crack at running new schools in Los Angeles, the board of education has decided, changing policy for the Public Choice Initiative. Only if inside groups’ plans are rejected will charter operators and others be able to apply.

The district will accept proposals for 15 new campuses by Nov. 18.

Since the policy began, 11 charter schools won bids to run new district campuses and one existing campus is being operated by a charter organization. About 40 campuses are operated by inside district groups, mainly led by teachers.

The board hopes to pressure the teachers’ union to be more flexible on performance evaluations, job requirements and other conditions at the new schools.

Los Angeles charter schools outperformed district schools at every grade level on the state’s 2011 Academic Performance Index, according to the California Charter Schools Association.  Latinos, blacks, low-income students and English Learners earned higher scores at charter schools.  “All but one of the new charter schools authorized by the Los Angeles School Board during the first phase of its Public School Choice initiative outperformed similar new schools run by LAUSD”


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