Fake-address mom isn’t a felon any more

Lying to get children into a better school should be a misdemeanor, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has decided, overruling the state parole board. Kelley Williams-Bolar, of Akron, served nine days in jail for falsely claiming her children lived at her father’s address in a neighboring school district. Her two felony convictions were reduced to misdemeanors by the governor.

Kasich is requiring Williams-Bolar to report for probation, serve 80 hours of community service, work full time, not take any drugs or drink alcohol and pay the cost of her prosecution.

Williams-Bolar’s older daughter now attends an Akron public high school. Her younger daughter uses a voucher to go to a private middle school. Williams-Bolar works as a teacher’s aide at Akron public schools and hopes to qualify as a teacher in the future.


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  1. Well, there you go. says:

    Was there a problem with drugs and alcohol? Why is that condition on her? Is that applied to everyone in this type of situation?

  2. Won’t qualify as a teacher with a felony record. Well, at least not in most Texas districts.

    I suspect the drug/alcohol is a matter of probation, though.