Earlybirds get the A

College students who avoid early-morning classes get more sleep — and lower grades, concludes a study at St. Lawrence University.

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  1. As my old college stats professor used to constantly harp at us: correlation does not imply causation. I would imagine that in this case, the causation runs the other way: mediocre students avoid early-morning classes while good students might grumble a bit about the early start but still sign up for them.

  2. Bill Leonard says:

    I wonder how many college students now are early birds of necessity, as I was circa 1961-65. I took as many classes as possible between 7:30 a.m. and noon because I had to be at work in the afternoons; as a working-class kid, it was the only way I could manage to afford a college education.

  3. My son has early morning workouts, classes from 10 – 1 and then back to work outs. I actually like this schedule. He get up early, gets some of his athletic work done, goes to class then completes his athletic work by late afternoon leaving plenty of time to study…now to see what happens with this grades…this still requires him to get up early and get active…