Core Standards in math don’t add up

Common Core math standards are terrible, writes Grant Wiggins, president of Authentic Education and co-author of Understanding By Design and Schooling By Design in Ed Week.

National standards will be a blessing, Wiggins writes. The English Language Arts standards are good. But the mathematics components “are a bitter disappointment.”

In terms of their limited vision of math education, the pedestrian framework chosen to organize the standards, and the incoherent nature of the standards for mathematical practice in particular, I don’t see how these take us forward in any way. They unwittingly reinforce the very errors in math curriculum, instruction, and assessment that produced the current crisis.

Few students encounter real, challenging problems that require real thought, he writes. The new standards won’t change that.

“Many ‘standards’ address picayune topics,” he writes. The big ideas in math are ignored.

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