Building better teacher evaluations

The Education Trust has released Fair to Everyone: Building the Balanced Teacher Evaluations that Educators and Students Deserve.

Most teachers are currently evaluated through “drive-by evaluations” — brief, annual drop-in observations of classroom practice. Teachers are rarely given criteria or standards used for these observations. And they rarely receive actionable feedback. In fact, no matter how strong (or weak) her instruction may be, or how much (or how little) her students learn, nearly every teacher in America is told she is doing a “satisfactory job” and given no advice about what or how to improve. 

Teacher evaluation systems should include multiple visits by well-trained observers using clear performance standards and measures of teacher impact on student learning, such as multiple years’ worth of value-added data, the report concludes.


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  1. Homeschooling Granny says:

    Why isn’t this done in ed school before, teachers are certified, before young people indebt themselves for a career they may not be suited for?

  2. Lightly Seasoned says:

    Actually, it is done. The cooperating teacher and a professor from the program both do frequent evals — or this is the case with the three or four programs I’ve worked with.