64% say parents don’t pressure kids enough

Parents don’t pressure their children enough to do well in school, according to 64 percent of Americans, reports Pew Research Center. Only 11 percent say parents put too much pressure on students.

By contrast, 68 percent of the Chinese public say parents put too much pressure on their children to succeed academically.

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  1. I think this correlates with zip code.

  2. I’ve just been to a statewide adult chess tournament where parents throw in their kids to see if they can take on the big boys. Want to see parents pressure their kids??? Over-control their diets and their free time? Train them for hours each day and spend thousands of dollars ferrying them around the country to compete? Introduce them to other people by their USCF rating?

    There are MANY parents who put about a ton of pressure on their kids, and I imagine it isn’t just the chess parents. These specialist-type children just aren’t in public school because it would take too much time away from the game. So I’ll bet you that there is a sizeable subset of parents who are overpressuring their children… you just don’t see that aspect of their lives from the outside. For example, how driven are the kids in my son’s circle of chess friends to perform well in writing compositions?

    Here in the US the extracurricular is king and I don’t wonder if the questions weren’t phrased differently that you would see very different results. 🙂

  3. Very interesting statistics. While I do believe that there is a cultural component when it comes to the amount do pressure that students are exposed to, I think that parenting styles and the ‘perception’ of what pressure is vary on an individual basis. If I am not mistaken, the study surveyed parents’ ‘perceptions’ of how much pressure children are exposed to. I am certain that, just as anywhere else, there are many American parents who push their children but don’t ‘perceive’ it to be that way. …and vice versa.

  4. For comparison, it would be interesting to see a similar poll asking whether parents put too much pressure on their kids as related to extra-curricular sports or activities. The screaming parent at the soccer/hockey/football/baseball game. Probably more than 11%.

    Too much pressure is bad, but, when it comes to education, so is too little.

    They may be overdoing it, but the Chinese seem to have their priorities figured out better than us.

  5. I’d say that about half to two-thirds of U.S. parents are placing too little pressure on their children and the remaining one-third to one-half is split pretty much evenly between too much (the “tiger moms”) and just right.