Nation’s schools will repeat the year

“Having continued to display learning deficits and a failure to reach basic educational milestones, the nation’s school systems will be asked to repeat the academic year,” reports The Onion.

“We know this is disappointing news, but we believe it’s for the best,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who pointed out that many underperforming schools glide under the radar for years without achieving any kind of proficiency in math, reading, or science. “An extra year will give America’s school systems some time to get a better handle on the subject matter so they can catch up with the other nations.”

This is satire.

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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    If only this would happen…for those kids that are marginally at and definitely below grade level…sign

  2. Lightly Seasoned says:

    LOL. As if it doesn’t feel like you’re living Groundhog Day! Same crap. Different year. Thanks for this as I go into my first day of school tomorrow :).