Joplin schools open on schedule

It’s the first day of school in Joplin, Missouri, which was devastated by a killer tornado in May. Despite the destruction — six schools destroyed, three badly damaged — the district is ready, reports the Tulsa World.

The high school is a heap of rubble: Freshmen and sophomore will have classes at a middle school, while juniors and seniors go to Shopko, an empty department store that got a $5.5 million makeover in 12 weeks.

Donors have helped teachers replaced lost school supplies.


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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    My daughter, teaching HS in strapped Texas, is learning this week to use a major and expensive increase in classroom technology, including a free raspberry or padsomething. I’m too old to follow that stuff.
    Anyway, she expects it to make absolutely no difference in teaching foreign language. She’s been there.
    It’s the teachers and the students, and as long as the roof keeps off the rain, the rest is not particularly important.
    Hell, there may even be a benefit from some version of the Hawthorne Effect.