Brill’s book gets boffo reviews

Seven Brill’s new book, Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools, is “funny, exciting, surprising and deep,” writes Jay Mathews in the Washington Post.

A relative newcomer to education issues, Brill provides “plenty of inside scoops, vivid quotes, extensive reportage, evocative vignettes and telling examples,” writes Checker Finn on Gadfly. After a “rollicking romp,” Brill reaches “a measured set of conclusions that won’t please anyone in particular but deserve serious reflection.”

Brill writes:

“We can be led and inspired by extraordinary men and women….But they will lead us to the right place only if we can figure out a realistic way to motivate and enable the less than extraordinary in the rank and file….”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg should make American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten the schools chancellor, Brill writes. OK, it’s a fantasy. But unions and their leaders are part of the solution. Expecting teachers to work brilliantly for 16 hours a day is not.


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