82% school ‘failure’ rate? Not yet

Arguing that No Child Left Behind is “broken,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan warned that 82 percent of schools could be labeled “failing” this year. So far, most states are reporting much lower failure rates, reports Politics K-12.

Under NCLB, states decide what constitutes “proficient” performance and how quickly schools must move toward 100 percent proficiency in 2014. High failure rates may reflect high standards. On the flip side, states where most schools make Adequate Yearly Progress may be setting the bar low.

Wisconsin reports that only 11 percent of schools are failing to make AYP; Rhode Island and South Dakota report 20 percent. Texas is at 34 percent and New Jersey at 50 percent. On the high side, Florida (89 percent) and New Mexico (87 percent) beat Duncan’s predictions with Missouri (81.9 percent) just behind.

Some of the big states — California, New York and Illinois — haven’t reported yet, so the final numbers could move up.

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