Why math tutors prosper

Many elementary students never learn basic math facts,  writes Lynne Diligent on Dilemmas of an ExPat Tutor.  They end up in remedial math classes in college. She advocates drill on math facts, more homework and no calculators till 11th grade.

I no longer teach Grade 3; I am now a private tutor. Unfortunately, I am now running across a number of 14-year-olds who are using calculators to add 5 + 3, or 7 + 6, or 9 + 2.

 Diligent also calls for requiring students to learn concepts before moving on, instead of  “spiraling” through the same things year after year.   

And she believes teachers should “instruct and explain, and then follow up with practice to master the skills,” rather than putting students in groups and telling them to figure out problems on their own. But group work is great for math tutors, she writes.


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