Pell Grants may be safe — for 2 years

Pell Grants may be safe — for two years, but the student-aid program will have to be rethought. Costs have grown by 182 percent in five years.

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  1. Too much of the Pell Grant money is going to pay for coursework for students who never complete a degree or certificate. I think there needs to be some sort of minimum academic qualification to receive a Pell Grant.

  2. Costs have grown by 182 percent in five years.

    No doubt any cuts will be ‘draconian’.

  3. That’s what happens when you don’t have to be prepared to do real college-level (not remedial) work in order to receive a grant.

  4. Subsidized goods are over-consumed. Tuition would drop and fewer students would waste their time if governments stopped subsidizing the education industry and accepted credentials earned entirely through examination. Actuaries, lawyers (in California), Foreign Service employees, and welders can gain enry into their profession without a record of attendance in a school. Why not surgeons, high school Math teachers, and engineers?