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The Hotter-than-You-Know-Where Education Buzz Carnival is on at Bellringers.

Mamacita thinks we’re overprotecting our children.

Our kids have never organized their own games, made their own friends, walked to the neighborhood store, jumped rope, been outside after dark, put lightning bugs in a jar, or gotten dirty without a scolding.

Today’s kids get passing grades without really passing, sports trophies without really playing, and attendance awards even when they’ve missed six days for orthodontia appointments. Bullies receive more sympathy and help than their victims. Disruptive students are allowed to remain in our classrooms, destroying the learning opportunity for other kids.  (Disability or not, no child should be included IF that student presents a danger to other children, or in any way prevents other children from learning.  I’m not backing down on this one.)

New blogger ICE.Teacher has a light bulb moment while teaching drama improv: Why not use the same techniques to free students’ creativity in writing class?

Mrs. Mama Hen is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling.

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  1. Thank you for the kind mention!

  2. palisadesk says:

    How much of this is class or culture based, do you think? I don’t observe the same phenomenon in low-SES schools, at least not nearly to the same degree. While some cultures “spoil” their kids (by our standards) rotten when they are very young, they are expected to “grow up” and help the family (work in the family business, do childcare and housework, assist parents with cleaning or maintenance jobs, etc.) Parents are usually very protective of their kids, but also demanding of them.

    OTOH, I see the same stupid school rules, like no running, ball playing or jumping in the schoolyeard. Like Mamacita, I’ve often wondered whether a ban on standing up (lest one fall down) might be next. The kids often have no idea how to play independently. Questioning them individually, however, I find that quite a few have no toys nor are they allowed any playtime at home. Rather sobering.

  3. Please remember that some students hate both drama improv and creative writing. Some of us really don’t want to write stories; period. I’d like to see schools focus on solid grammar, composition and expository writing and leave creative writing as an elective.

  4. I think mamacita is overgeneralizing just a tad. The niehborhood store obeservation was silly..depending where you love in my town the closest store might be a few miles away. I grew up with a little store a block away from where I live…those sorts of places simply don’t exist anymore.