Degree doesn’t help illegal immigrants

California has passed the “Half Dream Act,” which opens state-run private scholarships to undocumented students who’ve graduated from the state’s high schools. But, even if they earn a college degree, undocumented immigrants end up in the same jobs as their parents, concludes a University of Chicago survey. Without legal immigration status, they typically work in construction, restaurants, cleaning and child care.

Also on Community College SpotlightMost community college students are women, but most athletes are male, reports the New York Times. A Florida college has achieved gender equity  by spending to recruit female athletes directly from college and by limiting men’s sports.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Think the authors of the law are anticipating a solution to the illegal status question?

  2. Not going to happen…Everytime this issue comes up, everyone reminds congress of what Reagan said in 1986 regarding Amnesty (this is the only time it will happen). It’s crazy to do this because it gives students false hope.

    They earn a college degree, but without legal immigration status, it’s useless for the purpose of lawful employment…

  3. “And by limiting men’s sports.” That’s the key. Sorry male student, you want to play (sport)? Denied. We only have full access to sports for women.

    The fact that more men than women WANT to play sports is completely irrelevant to gender discrimination against male student athletes.