206 D.C. teachers fired for poor performance

Washington, D.C. public schools have fired 206 teachers — 5 percent of the total staff — for poor performance, reports the Washington Post.

They were dismissed for poor scores on the evaluation system known as IMPACT, which grades teachers on five 30-minute classroom observations and their compliance with nine broad standards. These include ability to express course content clearly, teach students with differing skill levels and manage time effectively. For some teachers, half of their appraisal is contingent on whether students meet predicted growth targets on standardized tests.

Sixty-five were rated ineffective, the lowest category. Another 141 were judged minimally effective for the second consecutive year.

Four teachers rated minimally effective for two years kept their jobs based on their principals’ recommendations.

Another 663 teachers (16 percent) were rated highly effective, making them eligible for bonuses of up to $25,000.

IMPACT rated most teachers as effective.

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