$186K + perks for NJ college chiefs

New Jersey’s community college presidents average $186,000 a year plus perks such as housing and car allowances. Two face charges of financial improprieties.

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Former nursing students have won a lawsuit against their Virginia community college, which failed to disclose that it had lost national accreditation.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    I don’t know about the perks — those can be difficult to value and don’t get counted the same in expense accounting (although maybe they do for public entities… I don’t know). They’re also industry standard for executives — the average American has never seen an executive employment contract and so probably has no idea how generous compensation packages can be.

    But $186,000 doesn’t seem an unreasonable salary at all for running a large educational institution like that.

    It’s the twenty Vice Presidents and Assistant Deans each making $170,000 that I’ve got a problem with. (I make that allegation without any foundation whatsoever, based solely on my recent review of a single college’s administrative officials.)

  2. The new San Diego State president’s salary is now $400,000 + perks (such as $1000 per month for a vehicle allowance!!!) All at the same time that the CA State University system is trying to deal with a $750,000,000 cut of state funding.

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    $186K doesn’t seem at all out of line for a college president, especially in high-cost New Jersey.