Ten worst fictional fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, Time lists the 10 worst fictional fathers of all time: Darth Vader is only #3.

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  1. The section about Darth Vader shows the sort of mind-numbing ignorance one could only expect from a reporter or academic. Only someone like that would use the term “deadbeat” to describe someone who had no way of knowing he even had children.

    As a Jedi Padawan, Anakin Skywalker disobeyed orders to go to his mother who he sensed was in trouble. When she was killed by Tusken Raiders, he responded by slaughtering their entire village.

    Anakin turned against the Jedi and joined the Dark Side in an attempt to save his wife. He then was told that he killed her. The only people who knew that any children were born were Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bail Organa (who later died in the destruction of Alderaan (by Tarkin, not Vader)), and Yoda.

    The moment he found out he had a son, he devoted every resource at his disposal, including the entire Imperial Starfleet, to finding him, and bringing him over to his side.

    Finally, when his Sith master of 24 years tried to kill his son, Anakin turned on him and destroyed him.

    How much more devoted can a man possibly be than to bring down first a 1000 year old republic, then an empire to protect your family?

  2. mkstach says:

    This article demonstrates the dumbing down of the entire culture. Apparently fictional now means “a story from a movie.” Books, even electronic editions, don’t qualify. I would nominate Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov from Dostoevsky.

  3. Huck Finn’s Pappy.

  4. Humbert Humbert had my vote. Plus there was the Dad in “The Beans of Egypt, Maine”

  5. Bill Leonard says:

    Joanne: And what, exactly, was the point of this entire meaningless exercise?

    This was a waste of your time, and of everyone else’s.