Sukanya Roy wins spelling bee

“Cymotrichous,” spelled eighth-grader Sukanya Roy, 14, to win the national spelling bee today on her third appearance. The word relates to wavy hair.

The Pennsylvania girl is the fourth consecutive Indian American to win the bee and the ninth in the past 13 years.  Six of 13 finalists were Indian-American, including 10-year-old Dhivya Murugan from Denver, points out the Hindustan Times.

Roy enjoy hiking, rock climbing and ice skating. She plans to pursue a career in international relations.

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  1. I watched that bee – she was amazing!

  2. I just don’t get spelling bees… so what that you can spell a word that 99.9999% of people will never use.

    Yes, I appreciate the discipline that it takes… but why bother…
    I’d be more impressed if they took that determination & discipline and directed it to something more useful… science, math, art, athletics, building robots, computers… etc. But that’s just my personal opinion.