Life's a carnival

It’s summer, but Bellringers has posted a new Education Buzz Carnival.

Liberal Berkeley is terrible at educating blacks, Hispanics and other low-income students, notes Darren, who’s nearly back to human form.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    The NYT had a story yesterday describing how African Americans were leaving NYC in large numbers to move back to the South. Most of the movers were working and middle class. Blue states & cities (Berkeley) serve the interests of AA poorly: crappy schools, high taxes, violent cities, racially segregated neighborhoods, outside of public service jobs – few employment opportunities. NYC is becoming a bit like Paris and Disneyland; it has a charming core city with wonderful cultural and business opportunities for the upper class with an outer core of unemployable members of the underclass. The working and middle class has been hollowed out – leaving only public service workers.

    What’s wrong with blue cities that they seem incapable of retaining working and middle class folks of all racial identities?