Kids, you don't have to go to college

Kids, you don’t have to go to college to have a successful life, a father writes.

Also on Community College SpotlightTalking ’bout my student debt. “My debt is a life-swallowing, all-consuming, hole in my life,” says a young woman who owes $140,000. She has a low-paying job at a non-profit.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    Welders working the oil rigs in Canada and Texas earn $33/hr with health and life benefits. Welding requires a 7 month certification program and a short apprenticeship. There’s currently a shortage, so they’re being hired with minimal experience. Seems like a viable option to me.

  2. Mark Roulo says:

    The “Talkin ’bout my student debt” page contains a link to a CNN story about
    recent graduates with lots of debt and low paying jobs.

    The first profile is about Erik Solecki, who has $185,000 in student debt and a job paying $15,000 per year. Not good.

    But the school he went to has a tuition and fee schedule that works out to about $20K per year:

    Even if he spent 5 years getting his engineering degree (not too uncommon today, I think), this still only works out to $100K in debt, not $185K.

    Can someone with experience with student loans explain how one can acquire student loans that are 2× your college expenses?

  3. Solecki says he’s earning $15,000 less than he expected, but he was expecting at least $70,000 as an engineer. How he ran up so much debt is a good question. Room and board costs?

  4. Mark Roulo says:

    I did more digging. Room and board is included in the $20K, but the $20K is *PER TERM* … with two terms per year, getting to $185K isn’t so tough.

  5. Watch the John Stossel piece on youtube ‘Is college a ripoff’ (runs about 8 minutes). This might give a lot of parents and kids some insight.