Scott Wu, an eighth grader from Baton Rouge, is the nation’s top middle-school mathlete, after winning the 2011 MATHCOUNTS competition. The winning question:

It takes 180 digits to write down all of the two-digit positive integers. How many of these digits are odd?

Answer: 95 (digits)

California fielded the top team: Andrew He, of Cupertino, Alex Hong, of Los Altos, Celine Liang, of Saratoga, Sean Shi, of Saratoga, and coach Vandana Kadam, of San Jose.

Second question: What percentage of this year’s top mathletes are Chinese-American?

Answer: 87.5 percent

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  1. 87.5% says it all. It’s all those ‘tiger moms.’

    Our laws, NCLB, special ed, etc., focus on closing the gap–but it’s the gap to the middle. When will we start working to close the gap from the middle to the top?

  2. Sean Mays says:

    You can close a gap by lowering the ceiling or raising the floor. It seems that we slightly prefer to lower the ceiling. Well, at least the surveys tell us that US students are confident and happy.