Who pays for college? Who gains?

College pays for bachelor’s degree graduates, though it pays a lot better for graduates of selective colleges and universities than it does for those who go to unselective colleges, concludes a new report. But the return on investment isn’t all that great for taxpayers.

Also on Community College Spotlight (and taking the other side of the argument): Higher education is a huge bubble that’s about to burst.

I congratulated my sister on being the mother of two college graduates: Her son Alan earned a computer science degree in March and daughter Lee earned a degree in cognitive science a few days ago.  “I’m the mother of two unemployed people,” she said.

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  1. dangermom says:

    My sister graduated in CS last year. It took her 6 months to find a job. happily it all worked out, but I feel for the current crop of computer science majors.

  2. Foobarista says:

    Some advice for CS new grads: learn some “old” programming languages like C or C++; the 1% of the world that needs their performance is in high demand. (Also, Objective C is basically C, so you’ll be ready to code Iphone apps). Don’t just be a web script kiddie – there are plenty of those in India, and you’re competing with them.

    Also, learn databases (including database engine internals, not just SQL) and data mining infrastructure like “Hadoop” well; people who know how to do useful things with ultra-huge datasets will always be in demand.