Wanted: Education entrepreneurs

The Mind Trust is taking applications for fellowships to help education entrepreneurs develop, build and launch “break-the-mold” ventures. Fellows receive two years of salary ($90,000 a year!), benefits, a $20,000 start-up stipend and support from the trust.

Fellow Celine Coggins created Teach Plus, which is training teacher leaders Fellow Earl Martin Phalen’s Summer Advantage USA gives disadvantaged students summer learning opportunities.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Verily, they are of remarkably narrow provenance, these fellowships.

    “Please include how Indianapolis will be a part of the initial growth plans of your initiative.”

    That cuts down the number of applications they have to read, I suppose.

  2. I spent some time checking out the site. Interesting.

    If they’re still around in a year or two, I might apply.

    Years ago, when I was first hired as a teacher, I was all set to do the work.

    Decades later, doing the work isn’t recognized or rewarded. In fact, it’s even punished. It’s not about doing the work. It’s about playing the game.

    Changing that would be quite a challenge.