Low tuition, long wait lists

California’s community colleges charge the lowest tuition in the nation, but can’t afford to provide enough classes for students.  The Legislature may let colleges charge more for some classes. Why not let colleges charge a sustainable tuition for all classes?  Students are willing to pay more: They’re turning to the much costlier for-profit sector, which has no wait lists.

Also on Community College Spotlight:  Community colleges have the capacity to train workers for rapidly growing “middle-skill jobs,” but too many students fail to complete a credential.

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  1. Why not:
    1. offer all courses credit by exam
    2. assess tuition for those students who take the credit-by-exam option the marginal cost of grading exam
    3. mandate that colleges and universities within the State system accept credits from independent institutions if those credits reflect coursework at least as rigorous as courses taken in the system?
    Ans: Because the US K-PhD “public” school system is an employment program for dues-paying members of the NEA/AFT/AFSCME cartel, a souce of padded supply and construction contracts for politically-connected insiders, and a venue for State-worshipful indoctrination. Credit by exam would destroy this racket.

  2. Malcolm,

    Credit by exam is ALREADY allowed at most public institutions of higher learning in California. However, if you earn units by taking the exam, you still need to pay the same fee per unit (violates your #2). However, at the CC and CSU level, the costs per unit are already pretty low. And there are a minimum number of units that must be earned on campus, so that your whole degree cannot be earned this way.

    By the way… I am willing to listen to your ideas, but you should know when you go off into crazy ranting mode (State-worshipful indoctrination… really?), you lose people who might otherwise be inclined to your ideas.