I have enjoyed this guest-blogging

Several things come to an end for me today. First, if I finish reading through my manuscript, I will send it to the publisher; otherwise I will send it on Sunday or Monday. Second, this is my last day in New Haven; I move back to Brooklyn tomorrow. Third, this is the end of my enjoyable guest-blogging stint (all the more enjoyable because Michael was co-guest-blogging and Joanne was pitching in).

Thanks to Joanne for inviting me to guest-blog again, to Michael for blogging too, and to readers for your thoughtful, interesting, and instructive comments.


  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    Thank you, Diana, for your interesting posts. Good luck with both your book and move. I’ll look for your book at amazon in a couple months.

  2. I hope you return to this blog soon.