His lips are moving

Secretary Duncan has expressly disavowed a national curriculum:

At a forum hosted by the National Center on Education and the Economy, Duncan was discussing lessons that can be learned from higher-performing countries, and he mentioned national standards and curriculum. But he said: “We have not and will not prescribe a national curriculum. I want to repeat that.” This remark prompted laughter from the audience, my colleague Stephen Sawchuk, who attended the forum, reports.

I confess that I suspect that the veracity of his statement is entirely tied up in the meaning of the word “prescribe.”

Duncan also said it would be against the law to prescribe national curriculum.

Yes, illegal to prescribe.  But there are ways around that.


  1. tim-10-ber says:

    I am so confused…then why are taxpayer dollars being wasted with the CCS and a national testing…what else is this called? I really want a refund…