Graduating baby boomers

Forget about those 18-year-olds. Community colleges are recruiting baby boomers who need retraining to stay in the workforce.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Career-minded students are more likely to earn a credential if they go to a technical college, which focuses on occupational training,  rather than a community college.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Got a relation doing this. His plan is to accumulate a BA/BS which is required for promotion in his line of work–subject almost irrelevant–and he’s doing well. He has a family including two kids. Serious guy. Said the first test was the key. The serious students, almost all of them adults, passed the test and the rest of the students, almost half, dropped out. They were mostly kids who complained about how hard the test was and having to study for it.
    I suppose you could laugh at the kids, or sneer at them, or feel that they got what they deserved.
    Personally, I am outraged–to no purpose, obviously–that they got through K-12 without learning they MUST WORK at something to get through it.
    Forget not knowing the basics. That’s bad enough. This is worse. It’s a great injustice and disservice to the kids. They have been taught a greatly false fact; that they have merely to show up, if that.