High school was too easy, college was too hard

Young Texans talk about the barriers to college completion:  not enough math or writing in high school, weak study skills and self-discipline and poor advice on college planning.

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  1. I’ll say it again; the problem starts in ES and continues in MS. There’s too little required of students in terms of behavior/work ethic and the curriculum choices in math, reading, writing are often seriously flawed. Science, history, civics and geography are likely to be ignored and students don’t develop good study habits (concentration, perseverence, note-taking, outlining, summarizing etc) because (1) they’re not taught and (2) they’re not needed because students are passed along without demonstrating either mastery of the material or any effort. By HS, it’s too late to make up for the deficits. No wonder kids aren’t prepared for college or work.

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    School’s too easy. Life’s too hard.

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