Young carpenters

Woodworking classes for kids – including little kids — are catching on, reports the New York Times.

Milan Joshi, 5, tries to loosen a vise during a woodworking class at the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts in Boston.

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  1. Peter Drucker, remembering his 4th-grade woodworking class in Austria:

    “…even Miss Sophie could not make a craftsman out of me…But I took from her a lifelong appreciation of craftsmanship, an enjoyment of clean honest work, and respect for the task. My fingers have never forgotten the feel of well-planed and sanded wood, cut with rather than against the grain, which Miss Sophy–her hand on mine and guiding my fingers–made me sense.”

  2. Will someone please tell the boy in the picture “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey”.

  3. I was going to say that the poor boy’s fingernails are all black because his fingers were crushed… but he’s wearing NAIL POLISH??

  4. Or…it’s a girl. The teacher is. Short hair, woodworking class = must be a boy?

  5. My private grammar school in Chattanooga, Tennessee had split-year sessions of Art and “Manual Training” (i.e., shop). That is to say, every year you took a semester of each. I seem to remember hearing that “Manual Training” was a 1920s Progressive Education concept. Whatever – we were sanding our knuckles to the bones throughout the 70s, and they’re still at it today.

  6. Mark Roulo says:

    Or…it’s a girl. The teacher is. Short hair, woodworking class = must be a boy?

    Possibly a girl. But then the girl is wearing a kid’s SWAT jacket (note the shoulder patch).

    At this age it can be difficult to tell.

    I’d guess “boy with nail polish” (my son occasionally wound up with his toe nails covered in nail polish … he still wears Disney ‘princess’ shirts sometimes), but “girl with kiddie SWAT jacket” wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. Maybe we’re finally learning something from Finland.