When aid checks come, students go

The case of the vanishing students isn’t really a mystery: When colleges deduct tuition from Pell Grants and send the rest to grant recipients for living expenses, some “students” drop their classes or just stop showing up.

Also on Community College Spotlight: At a Virginia community college, students can’t get loans until they draw up a budget that shows current spending and how they’ll repay their loans once they graduate.

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  1. We’re expected to report students for nonattendance because of this issue. I’m not sure that the college actually does anything…I got a call about a month ago from a local “education to work” agency asking about a student enrolled in my class who has NEVER attended (I have e-mailed TPTB about him 3 separate times). They were not aware he was flaking out, and were veeeeerrrrry interested to learn that.

    I hope his butt is busted.

    I’m also moderately shocked at the number of students I overhear who say they use their financial aid checks for things like electronic gadgets and vacations.

  2. If the grade and past GPA cutoffs for aid were higher, this wouldn’t be a problem.