Smart cuts for Pell Grants

The cost of Pell Grants is growing so rapidly that even supporters are looking for ways to cut costs without denying college access to low-income students.

Also on Community College Spotlight:  A joint class in business and writing is organized around the “The Wire,” a TV series about drug dealers and cops in Baltimore.

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  1. I failed to see any support from Pell Grant “supporters” in the story you cited.

    Also, colleges consider 12 hours to be full-time, 15 is not the norm.

    Could it be the kids who need the Pell Grants b/c they have to work to survive?

  2. ChemProf says:

    12 hours may be the minimum for full time, but it won’t get you out in four years and at many schools you won’t be able to continue your aid if you don’t make your “benchmark” or minimum credit per year (typically 30 semester hours per year), which is higher than the minimum for full time.