Ohio governor proposes parent trigger

Ohio parents should have the power to force change on their children’s failing schools, says Gov. John Kasich.  His budget plan proposes a “parent trigger,” reports the Columbus Dispatch.

The “parent trigger” would apply to schools that rank in the state’s bottom 5 percent in academics for three consecutive school years. If a majority of a school’s parents sign a petition demanding change, the school would be forced to accept the reform the parents propose:

• Converting into a charter school.

• Replacing at least 70 percent of the staff.

• Contracting with another school district, an effective nonprofit group or a for-profit group to operate the school.

• Turning the school’s operation over to the Ohio Department of Education.

• Making “fundamental reforms” to the school’s staffing or governance.

The proposal is based on California’s law. A Los Angeles-area school board is fighting to retain control of a low-performing elementary school.

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  1. SuperSub says:

    Hey, can voters pull a “trigger” on state governments and wipe them clean?

  2. Now, now. No need to get peckish.

    Besides, what’s that distant rumbling sound? Is it the sound of a landslide?

    I think yes, yes it is.