Life’s a carnival

Bellringers is hosting the willy-nilly edition of the Education Buzz carnival.

Be Tough or Be Soft? starts with a student teacher’s question:

Am I just a bleeding heart as I’ve so often been called? Do I need to toughen up? I know this is a rough area I’m working in, but I still believe these kids deserve a little more compassion. I think that small steps should be celebrated not condemned for not happening sooner.

It’s tough love, responds Pat on Successful Teaching. Experienced teachers try to prepare newbies for hard times, knowing that the unprepared will get disillusioned and leave the profession.

I think your compassion will help the students see you as a caring person and that is never wrong. But don’t let them take advantage of you and don’t try to be their friend. I have seen too many young teachers work too hard to be friends with their students and things can go very wrong that way. Students have enough friends but not enough good teachers.

“Don’t give up on us veteran teachers,” Pat writes. “Remember that you have a perspective that even we can learn from. You are necessary to remind us why we went into teaching and how important our job is.”

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