Laptop-closing prof accused of battery

A professor who shut a student’s laptop — allegedly hurting her finger — was arrested for battery last week, reports The Spectator, Valdosta State University‘s student newspaper.

Frank J. Rybicki was teaching a class on Law and the Media, when he told Krista Bowman, 22, to stop surfing web sites unconnected to the class. She argued. He closed the laptop. She went to the police.

Rybicki, out on bail, has been suspended with pay. Students who witnessed the incident were told by campus police officers not to discuss what they saw, reports the Spectator.

In the comments, many students strongly support the professor and accuse the student of being rude and disruptive. One commenter points out the student had “plenty of other options.”

A Don’t be so rude in a classroom.
B If you are going to play on your laptop .. either don’t take the laptop to class, or don’t take yourself to class
C Do what the teacher says for half a second; he / she probably knows more than you do so grow up and take some responsibilities; College isn’t another episode of High School where you can get away with being a distraction; some people here WANT to learn, if you don’t care, .. then get out! Or at least be somewhat polite.
D Don’t take this to such an extreme!!!!

Many professors say they have students who text, tweet, update their Facebook status and let their cell phones ring in class — and then complain the professor didn’t explain the material well enough.

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  1. @Colossus of Rhodey : Must it really not be because this generation of kids has been so bored to death, it becomes so scary. Scary because even the Schooling world, a world that can’t be brandished by anyone, is now challenged by kids who tell directly Katy Perry through the net.

    –Ri of

  2. This story just makes me SO sad and SO tired. I have students who text in class. I’ve given up on yelling at them because it doesn’t work…the next day, they’re back texting again. They don’t care. Maybe they’ll care when they earn an F in the class. Maybe not.

    I’ve just decided I’m teaching for the students who, to use a word I almost never use, give a shit. As long as the texters aren’t disturbing other people and preventing them from learning, they can just fail, and flunk out of school. I don’t care any more.

    I would go after a laptop person: I have a student who has complained to me about another class she’s in, where one of the students watches youtube videos WITH THE SOUND UP on the laptop in class and the prof does nothing.

    I do make an effort to shut the talkers up. But people who just want to silently check out: that’s their choice and they will face the consequences. I’ve decided it’s not worth my good will, energy, and the classroom time it takes each day to tell people “I can see that you’re texting under the desk. Put the device AWAY” just to find that they’ve sneaked it out again a half hour later.


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