LA rates schools by value added

Los Angeles Unified is rating schools by value-added methods that look at students’ progress rather than achievement levels, reports the Los Angeles Times. The Academic Growth over Time ratings produce very different results from the Academic Performance Index.

Take, for example, 3rd Street Elementary School in Hancock Park, which has an API score of 938, putting it among the highest-scoring schools in the district. Under the new growth measure, 3rd Street is one of the lowest-performing elementary schools in the district.

“We’ve got to do a better job and reexamine,” said 3rd Street Principal Suzie Oh, adding that she was shocked by the results.

When students are performing very well, it can be hard to show improvement.

Parents can view results for elementary and middle schools in math and English, and ninth grade for English only. The school score will be included in future campus report cards.

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  1. Yeah, parents will still look at the “velocity” of a school. But knowing the “acceleration” could be useful.

  2. I mentioned this on my blog, but if a student is already advanced or proficient, then there can be no value added. An API is determined off of your CST scores (mainly), so clearly that school in the 900s is doing fine.