Gadfly goes wild

Education Gadfly offers “a fresh flava from your peeps at the Thomas B. Fordham In$titute” for April 1.

Included is an report on “widespread cheating” in Finland, Singapore and Shanghai on international tests.

Finnish Minister of Education Henna Virkkunen asked unapologetically, “What did you expect us to do? We’ve got to protect our children from the emotional blow of bad test scores. They’re fragile creatures, you know, and we have fewer than a million of them.” OECD Directorate for Education head Andreas Schleicher released a statement embracing cheating as a “twenty-first century skill” and promising that this important capability will be assessed by PISA in the future. And U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan tweeted “How do you like me now, Singapore!?”

And there’s more for April Fool’s Day.

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