Duncan: Career ed must show results

Career and technical education must lead to college-level credentials in order to qualify for federal funding, says Education Secretary Arne Duncan.  If CTE students complete high school and get jobs, that’s not good enough.

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  1. MagisterGreen says:

    Because Heaven forbid we allow anyone go forth who hasn’t had a “college” education in some form or another. And of course, who gets to pass on these credentials to these schools, and how much in “fees” will these heretofore un-accredited institutions pay?

    This is pathetic.

  2. Argh. The whole point of the career ed track is to provide a good education for children who are not bound for academia.

  3. Duncan’s comment is just plain dumb, as is the similar and currently-fashionable “career track *is* college track”.

  4. Sandra Stotsky says:

    Duncan’s comments reflect the kind of elitism that is driving public education in this country into a grave. So, he won’t use a plumber or an electrician who has no post-bac degree?

    How did someone with this utterly damaging philosophy ever get to be Secretary of Education in this country?

  5. The last two or three have had it.

    Look, when we give students a choice, they don’t make choices in politically correct proportions. Duncan is ignoring this reality–but everyone for the past 20 years has been ignoring it. Why should he be any different?