‘Customers’ replace students

College students see themselves as “customers” who are always right, a professor complains.  He must cater to their “learning styles” to show respect, but they don’t feel obliged to turn off their cell phones in class.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Associate degrees and job-specific credentials will help close the skills gap, says a new report, which urges businesses to work with colleges to create “earn and learn” opportunities.

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  1. I get a few “extreme entitlement mentality” students (usually in my non-majors class: I caught a woman putting on mascara in the middle of a discussion of human population growth the other day). But I also get some pretty wonderful students who help me to remember that not everyone is like the jerk who just wants to play on his cell phone.

    The beauty of it is, once in a while the serious students will take on the jerks and confront them for you….it’s a lot more telling when one of your peers tells you you’re being disrespectful and a disruption than if the prof tells you.

    The only “it’s your fault” complaint I’ve had was the young woman who told me she wouldn’t get into pharmacy school and that I’d ruined her life because I wouldn’t give her an A in my class. I looked at my gradebook and found out she’d handed in only 1/2 of the labs….the grade she got was the grade she earned.

    It frustrates me to deal with people who think everything is everyone else’s fault but their own, even when stuff clearly is their fault.

  2. I’d like to see these whiners try that crap on one of the athletic coaches.