California private schools regain students

As California public schools raise class sizes and shorten the school year, more middle-class parents are turning to private schools, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The recession cut California’s private-school enrollment from 10 percent of school-age children to 8 percent in the last decade. Now several San Jose area private schools say inquiries and applications are up 25 percent to 40 percent. A Christian school that closed several years ago is reopening to meet the demand.

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  1. The public schools for awhile appeared to be improving, adding programs to attract families back like Mandarin immersion and so forth. But then the budget crisis hit and class sizes went from 20 to 31 in the primary grades, art & music got eliminated, etc.

  2. Oh, please. “Middle class” parents can’t afford private school fees. I’m a tutor, and I know far more parents whose kids are now in public school after years in private than the other way round.

  3. Mark Roulo says:

    “Oh, please. ‘Middle class’ parents can’t afford private school fees.”

    For the San Francisco Bay Area, what do you consider the upper limit for a middle class family income?

  4. Unfair question, Mark. The SFBA exists in an alternate universe, not the real world.

  5. Homeschooling Granny says:

    How does this affect the number of those homeschooling? Up to avoid large classes in public school? Down along with the economy as both parents work to make ends meet? Up because an unemployed parent is home?
    Just wondering. Does anybody know?

  6. I would say that the recession’s impact on the HS community here in the Bay Area has been a net neutral. For every family I know who had to stop HS because the primary educator had to return to full-time employment, another family has started HS because they could no longer afford private school tuition.

  7. This was a good article in the Mercury.

    It’s chilling the way things are going in California.

    I have a feeling this is just the beginning, that there will be a huge migration to private schools in California.

    The defunding of the public schools is going change things radically. I already see signs of that coming.