Schools use Khan Academy

Struggling math students are using Khan Academy videos in class to learn concepts, reports the Los Altos Town Crier. (I was copy editor of the Town Crier in my first job out of college.) Sal Khan, who created the videos and provides them free of charge, lives in nearby Mountain View.

Concepts are arranged on a “Knowledge Map” that builds from the most basic mathematical ideas to more complex theories reserved for high school calculus. Each concept is presented in digestible 10- to 15-minute video segments followed by practice exercises and tutorials.

Two fifth-grade classes and a seventh-grade pre-algebra class in the Los Altos district are using the videos.

“Each week the kids make a goal and work at their own pace to achieve those goals,” (middle-school math teacher Courtney) Cadwell said. “I help them when they need remediation, and they use the videos to re-explain things they didn’t understand in the first place.”

. . . The software suggests next steps for students and provides teachers with a wealth of individualized student data on both concepts mastered and areas of struggle.

“The Khan Academy is helping me address the needs of each individual student rather than boring the entire class on a topic that only three students need help on,” Cadwell said.

Teachers use the Khan-generated data to group students according to their needs and provide targeted math instruction.

EdWeek looks at School of One’s customized math lessons.

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  1. Here is a link to Sal Khan’s Ted Talk on this subject:

  2. It’s not just struggling students! I use them (in my high-performing school!) to review material and link to them on my web site so absent students can keep up.